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TRAILER FEE  $125:00

The dump fee’s are based on the fee’s charged at the facility’s we use. (We charge what the dump charges).

* Martinez Transfer Station.    # Organic Solutions

* Trash,  Junk,  Construction/Demolition :                    $28.00 per yd.

# Green Waste:                                                                    $15.00 per yd.

# Dirt :                                                                                    $60.00 pet yd

# Concrete :                                                                           $30.00 Per yd

* Couches,  Overstuffed chairs & Recliner’s,  Mattress’s,  Box spring’s,  Refrigerators,  A/C units,                                  $30.00

* Tires   (most)                                                                       $15.00

Pickup and Delivery of Topsoil,  Dirt,  Gravel, or Base Rock is $60.00 plus the cost of the material.

Labor:               Labor available by private contractors on request